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LPA has a team of highly experienced litigators, representing clients on corporate, civil and administrative (including tax) disputes before administrative bodies, common courts of Georgia and arbitration institutions. Our attorneys have represented clients on extremely complex and multi-million disputes and in most cases have reaches desired results. We have also assisted clients throughout enforcement proceedings.  

Over the period of its existence, LPA handled numerous projects related to banking and other financial institutions. Starting from issuing comprehensive guidelines for registration and operation of commercial banks in Georgia, our attorneys have dealt with actual registration process of commercial banks and acquisition of banking licenses. During their practice, LPA lawyers have conducted complete due diligence studies of financial institutions, including regulatory and environmental aspects, which goes beyond the standard due diligence scope for regular enterprises.

Further to special requests of potential investors in banking sector, we have examined and prepared legal opinions and respective recommendations assessing investment related risks.

Furthermore, for over three years, LPA has been managing entire loan portfolio of several microfinance institutions, capturing title due diligences of collaterals, preparation of respective loan and mortgage/pledge agreements and related documents, dealing with dispute settlements/resolution and handling enforcement issues, when necessary.

Apart from the pure banking related work, we have dealt with extremely complex financial and securitization projects, involving cross border transactions and debt investments, building subordinated and convertible loan and collateral structures for different projects.

In 2012, LPA has greatly contributed to the World Bank and IFC Survey on Doing Business in Georgia and has been acknowledged and gratified by the respective team working on the stated Project.

LPA introduces one window principle for enterprise and NGO formation, M&A, reorganization and liquidation. The stated services mainly cover corporate structuring, document preparation, translation and notarization of foreign documents, direct contact with foreign partner companies for off-shore registrations, opening bank account and registering entities with the Revenue Service as value added tax payers, if needed. 

LPA also provides services for subsequent share/stock transfer, capital increase/decrease, stock emissions, preparation of shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements, structuring and opening daughter companies, as well as daily supervision and management of corporate matters and representation of clients’ interests at different meetings of partners/shareholders/supervisory boards. We also provide management services for dormant companies and ensure direct contact with respective state or private institutions as the case may be. You can get all of these services through issuance of special Power of Attorney/Proxy without necessity of your involvement or presence in the country. 

Our team has distinguished experience in structuring and establishment of special purpose vehicles in Georgia and abroad for implementation of joint projects. 

LPA advises clients on electricity, oil and gas regulatory matters; conducts due diligence studies and provides contractual coverage of energy projects.

Our legal team has vast experience in matters related to due diligence exercises of major hydro power plants (HPPs) and other energy objects in Georgia. LPA has advised major investors involved in joint venture for exploitation of energy resources.

We offer full-scale legal maintenance of construction and operation of renewable energy power plants, as well as their administrative relations with Regulatory Commission of Energy and Water Supply of Georgia (Commission) and other relevant authorities, responsible for environmental permitting and evaluation of sustainability risks. Our expertise includes obtaining power generation and transmission licenses, as well as support of contractual and regulatory relationships with Dispatch Licensee (GSE) and Electric System Commercial Operator (ESCO). This covers conclusion of power purchase and dispatch agreements and conducting all relevant registration and validation procedures imposed by applicable energy legislation. 

LPA provides legal advice and counseling on employment matters, such including legislation research, drafting and revision of employment and service contracts, preparation of internal regulations, termination and prolongations notifications and ongoing consultations on labor related matters. Our lawyers have extensively been involved in discussions related to recent amendments to the existing Labor Code of Georgia and are updated on the latest developments in the stated area.  

Our firm has a wide range of services to offer in the intellectual property arena. Our practice covers all aspects of patent, trademark, copyright, design, geographical indications and appellations of origin, including counseling, contract negotiation, licensing, registration and litigation.

LPA represents clients in transactional matters and, should the need ever arise, our firm litigates and mediates intellectual property disputes. We also serve as local counsel in intellectual property disputes.

We mainly focus on IP Due Diligence. In addition to valuation, risk assessment is perhaps the most important aspect of any transaction involving IP, including patents, trademark, copyrights, trade secrets, and other know how. Many corporate transactions have IP aspects that require careful consideration. LPA works closely with our clients to structure an IP Due Diligence strategies to meet their needs effectively and efficiently.

Our legal team provides a full range of services to assist clients in developing and implementing strategic intellectual capital programs based upon the acquisition, utilization, and enforcement of intellectual property objects which complement their business strategies.

Our attorneys and paralegals actively monitor the global trends in IP law and keep our clients informed with periodic updates.

and introducing modern farming methods, in Fall 2010 the Government of Georgia lounged the Project with the intention of inviting South African Boers. The stated initiative was followed by the significant number of South African families entering the country and studying various investment opportunities, mainly in agricultural business.

Over the last two years, LPA has been greatly involved with various aspects related to investments carried out by South Africans in agricultural land and other estate properties, including but not limited to corporate structuring and enterprise registrations, negotiations with the potential sellers of the property and other related parties, conducting title due diligence studies, handling contractual and procedural parts related to the relevant transaction closures, provision of continues legal counseling and advice on daily operations of the incorporated enterprises.

In Spring 2012, we have assisted one of the South African companies in elaborating distinctive aspects of new investment project initiated by the latter and the Government of Georgia, which was targeted at broadening investment segment and granting residence permits to South African investors. We have assisted in negotiations and drafting of MOU between the Government of Georgia and our Client, respective legal provisions for their consideration by authorized entities, contracts with various parties, including potential investors and the banks.

With the invitation of the Government of Georgia, LPA has delivered comprehensive presentation on general legal and tax framework for doing business in Georgia at the special conference dedicated to introduction of investment climate to potential South African investors, held in Spring 2012.

LPA provides comprehensive legal support for projects involving local and direct foreign investment in real estate, such as agricultural and non-agricultural privately and state-owned land, construction projects (hotels, hospitals, trade centers, residential and office premises) and already constructed premises. To this end, LPA has covered all legal aspects related to safe and risk-free investment in the stated sector. Such includes, but is not limited to conduct of in-depth title due diligence, examination of existing restrictions and applicable coefficients for construction projects as well as finding alternative ways for solving existing problems, assistance in segregation of separate areas, elimination of overlap matters and acquisition of final approvals from respective authorities. LPA has provided support in obtaining special construction permits and licenses for licensed businesses. 

We have dealt with projects requiring special status, such as free industrial zone and free touristic enterprise status and have maintained direct contact with respective governmental agencies, also drafting special provisions for eradication of legislative loopholes. 

LPA has covered all legal aspects of investments in estate property, including complex contract drafting and revisions, assistance in legal matters related to acquisition of state-owned property though special auctions and privatization projects, transfer of ownership title to the investors through following the process till the final closure, support in relation with special entities (electricity, water and gas supply agencies) ensuring free access to  infrastructure facilities and insurance companies.

The stated projects often involved complex transactions consisting of several different elements, such as acquisition, mortgage and different encumbrance components. We have provided legal advice and counseling in structuring those transactions and rendered continues legal support and management for the completed projects. 

Over the years of its existence, LPA has provided legal coverage of multi-million domestic and foreign debt and equity investment transactions, which encompassed the most diversified and dynamic work, namely:

Local and cross border corporate, business and tax structuring of multiple tier business and financial models, with the involvement of several local and foreign enterprises;

Legal risk assessments through conduct of comprehensive due diligence studies in close collaboration with financial and audit teams;

Restructuring and remodeling of respective companies’ corporate system and transaction natures, tailoring those to investors’ needs;

Negotiations with several parties involved;

Preparation and finalization of contractual documentation and ensuring deal closures;

Continues legal management of the entire project implementation process.

Within the stated field, we have dealt with the most complicated business transactions, involving multiple parties from different jurisdictions, numerous contracts representing interconnected parts of one project, simultaneously consisting of debt and equity investment components, call option and trademark licensing elements as well as long-term business management plans. 

LPA provides legal advice and counseling on employment matters, such including legislation research, drafting and revision of employment and service contracts, preparation of internal regulations, termination and prolongations notifications and ongoing consultations on labor related matters. Our lawyers have extensively been involved in discussions related to recent amendments to the existing Labor Code of Georgia and are updated on the latest developments in the stated area.  

LPA has an unique experience in drafting legal documents, including specific provisions for various pieces of legislation, contracts/agreements, legal memorandums and opinions, due diligence reports, legal claims, responses, motions and other legal instruments.

We believe that no transaction or project can be structured and implemented without accurate and in depth understanding of taxation elements being involved. LPA has accumulated distinguished expertise in matters related to local, cross border and international taxation though its continues on-job and academic training of each team member, direct collaboration and constant partnership with our local and foreign tax experts and auditors, who possess significant knowledge and understanding of legal and financial aspects of taxation standards and procedures. 

LPA has structured business transactions, involving enterprises and joint ventures from different jurisdictions, including Georgia,  EU countries and off-shore zones. We have dealt with the companies operating under distinctive taxation regimes due to applicability of bilateral and multi-lateral intergovernmental and international treaties. LPA has served organizations operating within EU, US, UN projects, thus enjoying privileged tax treatment, also with enterprises registered in the duty free and other free zones.  At different times, our lawyers have been extensively involved in drafting tax regulations and specific draft provisions for US-Georgia Compact.

Apart from initial structurings, LPA has provided ongoing legal advice and counseling on general tax matters being of interest to our clients and prepared respective legal opinions and memorandums. 

We have unique practice in handling tax disputes within the administrative bodies as well as Georgian courts. 


The basic legal instruments regulating the field of telecommunications in Georgia are the Law of Georgia on Electronic Communications and the law of Georgia on Broadcasting. A state authority regulating the activities in the field of telecommunications is a legal entity of public law  - the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) – an independent state body established in 2000. The regulations and decisions of GNCC are also the part of telecommunications law in Georgia.

GNCC is exclusively empowered to grant authorization for providing of electronic communication services in Georgia, to issue licenses for radio and TV broadcastings and to issue permits for usage of numbering and frequency resources.  In case of non-compliance with the license conditions and/or the breach of the relevant laws and regulations, GNCC is entitled to use financial and other types of sanctions against the violating entities.

Some of the core principles applicable to the activities in the filed of telecommunications are: inadmissibility of monopoly, establishment of fair and competitive business environment, encouragement of technological advancement, obligation to defend the interests and rights of consumers.

Georgia is a member of the Governmental-Advisory Committee of Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN/GAC), also a Full Member of the Conference of European Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT).